Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Yes, yay. The block has been broken. I finally got off my arse and removed the shite, and for the first time since mid-February I've written something. It's not a lot, but it's longer than where I left off. Before edits, I was at 7727 words. After the cut, I was at 6649. The Imagination Locomotive has pulled into station at 8370 words. Whether or not that train moves again tonight remains to be seen, but I am going to guess no.

Just felt like sharing. So...I guess for the sake of asking, what progress have you made today?

And to provide something of value to you people, MUSIC!

And you have the totally awesome Party Animals for introducing me to that and several other awesome songs, and simultaneously addicting me to them. Bit sad that show was never picked up for a second series. It's gewd.


  1. I went to work, saw an attorney, sent 1 query, posted a blog, read a few blogs. That's my progress for the day.

  2. Sadly that's more productive than I. I slacked off at school, ditched early, came home and did some writing, listened to some music from my playlist of folk songs from the Napoleonic wars and the Civil War, watched an episode of The Fixer, and have sat around on the computer doing not much else. Been too lazy to walk five minutes across town to the bank and cash my cheque, although at this point the bank is closed. Reckon I'll do it tomorrow.

  3. Let's see, I'll do yesterday since you posted this yesterday. I went to work, then to Greencastle (3 hour trip), critiqued two chapters of someone's MS, edited two chapters of my own and then crashed on the couch. Wow...that makes me sound so exciting. Blah..