Thursday, March 4, 2010

Head hopping

I still don't 100% understand head-hopping, honestly. Sometimes people talk about it like it's a simple shift of POV, sometimes people talk like it's a sudden shift, like, one sentence we're following X and the next we're following Y and then we're back to X etc. If it's just a simple shift of POV, count me guilty. Chapter 2 is told from the POV of another character, because the events take place simultaneously with Ch 1, at a different location, where said POV char is present to witness events related to a crime. It also gives us some details about him that become semi-important later, like the fact that he's been blacklisted from HQ because he was always butting in on police business looking for a scoop, and the precincts just aren't as fun to spy on. And in Ch 1 POV does switch from Paul to Daniel, but I tried to smooth the transition as best as possible, and when it comes to the editing phase I'll try to smooth it more. I should point out that after Ch 2, the POV stays solely on Danny boy...

I realize this post is a bit slapdash. Just throwing it up quick before I hop into bed (no pun intended). please? Seriously, I've heard like ten different definitions of "head-hopping", and regardless of definition the consensus is it's a big no-no, and I like avoiding no-nos. They give me ouchies. And it occurs to me I should be posting this over on the Bransforums, but then I couldn't really do this:


  1. I totally posted this on the forums last night!!

  2. Yay! We're on the same wavelength kinda sorta maybe I doubt it!