Monday, March 29, 2010

Some Random Musings

First things first, we are bearing down on Saturday quite fast. For those of you who don't know what day Saturday is, well, officially it's April the third. More importantly, Saturday is the day the new season of Doctor Who starts. This means that from Saturday until whenever the season ends (and really well beyond it) my fanboyism shall be in hyperdrive again. To give you an idea: Imagine the most rabid Twilight fan you can. Now multiply that by ten kajillion bajillion.

Why is this coming up? Number one, fair heads up of things to come. Number two, io9 has pictures of new TARDIS, which are a lot better than the pieces of concept art they tacked up on the TARDIS prop you can sometimes see in filming photos and videos. And so if the fanboy engines weren't already gunning, they're really approaching critical now. Consider yourselves warned.

So, what is this post really about? Nothing specific, really. Just a few thoughts which have been tittering about my mostly hollow-skull as of late.

Thought Primero: Don't you just hate it when you're in the middle of a WIP, and then your brain up and cooks up a fucking beautifully perfect idea for something else entirely? Because my brain has. I'm in the middle of working on something relating to my WIP, and I get to thinking if Daniel does have a middle name (which I'm still not certain he does) it's an H name. My brain then went Hamish -> Hector in terms of H names. This lead to Hector MacFarquhar. This lead to Hector MacFarquhar, badass Scottish DS living somewhere in England (the specific place changes quite often; brian needs to make up its mind) whose CID...okay, a lot of the police force, really, are working on a serial killer case. A serial killer who burns prostitutes. In the middle of the street. Think about that. Two o'clock in the morning. Some hooker's out looking for someone to shag. You're just walking along, minding your own business, maybe had a late night out at the pub or take crazy late university courses. And the prostitute just suddenly bursts into flames. No sign of anyone who could've done it to her at the time of the burning, but always a specific calling card left behind after. Christ I love that idea, but I can't bring myself to work on it so long as AGS is incomplete.'s so shiny...eeeeeee...please please please please please can I work on it? please please please I promise I'll be good and everything!

Two, something I have a few typed up of and have been waffling with doing to close Character Month (many posts for which are still very unfinished drafts, I admit) is a series of Fast Fact Files for at least Daniel, Paul, and Lucy, as they're kind of the Pivotal Three.

Also, Character Month kind of fizzled out after a week, didn't it? I do that. Way more often than I should. I start off on 9001, hit 50 for a while, and close on, like, 99.9. Go figure.

Relating to Fast Fact Files, in my boredom I typed up one for myself. It's been sitting saved as a notepad for like...four or five days now? Something like that. One thing I have been waffling over ever since I discovered the option was the ability to add pages to my blog. Really I have no idea what I would do with this other than their suggested "about me" page, so yeah. Plan is if there is interest to share it. So, Yea or Nay on that count, and Yea or Nay on making it a page? And don't feel like you have to say Yea. Vote honestly or I shall hire the foe of my ancestors to break into your bedchamber while you sleep, murder you, and frame your guards. And then I shall slay him for his deeds, even though my ancestor totally never killed him and, in fact, just kind of chased him to the back of the battlefield where one of my ancestor's knights mortally wounded him and left him lying to die. Sadly that is still way more awesome than the fictionalized version of events.

So, yeah, that's about it for now. I'm sure there were other things I meant to post but I can no longer remember at present. Actually there definitely were. And one of them was definitely very important. Like, The-Whole-Palace-Will-Burn-Down-If-I-Don't-Remember-Soon important. Oh well. Guess it can't have been that important if I forgot it. Right? Right?

Closing Thought: Probs going to be tinkering with blog soon to make it wider without making it look even lamer than it does now, which will probably mean re-skinning it. In the event of such a scenario, do not panic. There shall be free beer in the Deat...I mean, Observation Lounge. In all honesty, this is just so I can embed an HD copy of 10's regeneration into 11. That is all.


  1.'re so random - but totally awesome too. ;-) And I totally love the idea of a prostitute who goes up in flames. Do it.


  2. You know I'm going to say Yea to the about me page :P that's my HONEST answer.

    YAY for DR WHO!! It's ok, you put up with my Twilight ramblings and I love Dr Who so this major fandimonium be allowed by my watch :~D

    I can totally sypathise with the shiny new idea thing. The only thing I can suggest is writing some of it down and putting it in the "to work on when not working on WiP" pile if you don't want to lose pace on the WiP... but then again I'm terrible for that kind of thing. I have six other little bits on the side I dip into for funsies. BAD BAD ME.

  3. Clearly you severely underestimate just how fanboyish I can be. On January 1st, after the first trailer for S5 came out, I watched nothing but that trailer until a friend found an HD copy of EoT p2. I then spent the duration of my winter break watching nothing but that one trailer for S5. And since writing this post I've been going through all those trailers and watching Tennant's regeneration into Smith again, on a loop, just going through them all in order. And that's all me on a light spell. Most certainly not a good thing, but goddammit I have no social life anyway and more importantly DOCTOR WHO. At this point, Doctor Who for me has pretty much become cocaine. Rehab is far from being an option.

  4. Also as a slightly different but still much related addendum...

    Not Vampires:

    Worst part is I will be going to see NVs and I shan't even be dragged. The movies are like twinkies for me. So disgusting, and so so terrible for me, but I just can't stay away. Also I find it hilarious the NVs trailer uses the same music as the Dr Who S5 trailer. S5 puts it to epic use. It sounds wildly out of place in the NVs trailer. Okay that one may be fanmade actually but still. It makes me lol at the musicfail.

  5. LOL! But I really don't mind because Dr Who=ACES and nobody much complains when I go off on a tangent closely followed by Kim about how much I love those NVs :P

    Yeaaah *ahem* as much as it pains me I have to admit the music is really not suited to that trailer...

    HAHA!! "Am I thinking what I think I'm thinking?" because I'm thinking Matt could potentially be a really great Dr.....!!

  6. Going by everything I've seen so far, between filming and clips and stuff, he is definitely going to be Top Five material. If he, like McCoy, manages to be golden in the shittiest of plots, he very well could surpass McCoy in my book, given time. But I'm reserving ranking him until I've seen two seasons, because during a new Doc's first season I always swoon like a 13-year-old girl.