Saturday, March 20, 2010

Travelling Back to the Here

Well, obviously, I've been around a lot more than I planned. Originally it was going to be Amy was back and we would go frolicking in the meadows (okay not really) until the end of days, but she got hit pretty hard by her allergies, and was so bad she couldn't even go out on Thursday. It also doesn't help that I started going on twitter via iTouch just to keep myself in the loop...and wound up totally addicted. I'm starting to wonder if that's why I continually forget about twitter. I force myself to forget it because I'm becoming far too addicted and egocentric. And yes I mean egocentric. Egotistic, too, but I find the more time I spend on sites like twitter and facebook, the more I begin to assume everyone's experiences are universal to my e-cave. Point is it's not good.

So now I'm back! From outer space! Okay, I'll stop that now, honestly only because my brain is blanking on the lyrics at the moment. Anyway, it's news stuff.

First up, someone made what is easily tied for my favorite facebook fan page. Toyota: Moving forward, even if you don't want it to. I died laughing. Personally it's tied with this page for me.

Secondly, I have once again pulled myself off my lazy arse to check out TV. I was much faster at it this time than I was with Castle though. Kept meaning to check out Castle from about halfway through its first season. I didn't start watching it until January, and I've been playing sporadic attempt at catch-up ever since. This time, it's only taken me since the second blizzard in February to get off me bum and check out show I have been meaning to check out. Still way too long, but I finally started watching it on Wednesday. It has become like heroin for me. What show, you ask?

If that doesn't answer it for you, I am forced to inquire as to what rock you have been living under. I'd been hearing about it and seeing promos and stuff for ages. Just never watched it because I was 14 when it ended. Maybe 13. Depending upon when exactly the last episode aired. I'm going to say 14, though. Anyway the correct answer, if you have been living under a rock, is The West Wing. Only a handful of episodes in and I am addicted to it. Definitely some room for improvement, but given that I'm not even halfway through the first season yet, I'm confident it'll get better. Spoil anything for me and I shall thwap you with a shoe.

Apparently Monday through Friday was author appreciation week for some people. Thanks to Mia pointing this out on her blog, I have decided to do a delayed AAW post. Of course the link on her blog says is for YA/MG but that's just not really my jig, so I'll be doing any author I very well please, thank you very much. Now get off my lawn you damn rotten lousy kids.

On the March Madness front, I'm not partaking of the Bransford's contest, a bit because while I have enough pages for what could constitute as a partial, I don't feel they're polished enough, but largely because I just didn't feel like entering. I know fuck all nothing about basketball. I've picked up a few things from talk around school so there were some "safe" bets there, but really I just picked whichever name I preferred. Kansas for the win only because everyone else seems to love them. I am totally not going to win but my current point stance is a lot better than expected. As of typing this, I have 180 points.

In more sports news, the Reds definitely did good Thursday. It was a shaky game, particularly comparatively to Monday's game against Pompey. 4-1 win with two good goals from Torres, one from Babel, and HOLYHELLYES ALBERTO AQUILANI. I am still totally stoked that the lad got his first goal for Liverpool and was a part of the starting XI. I've had good feelings about Aquilani since he was signed, and he showed promise in earlier appearances but he has unfortunately been dogged by injuries and illness, as well as not being quite up to form to handle the physicality of some Premier League matches (such as the very scrappy game against Blackburn in the last week of February). But anyway, on Thursday, the Reds played Lille again and crushed them with a pretty clean 3-0. Unfortunately there's still a pretty big shitstorm going on around the club...

Speaking of Liverpool, there's a very important game come Sunday. Manchester United, at Old Trafford. Last season was definitely the modern Liverpool at their best, and this season certainly seems to be the worst, but hot damn if we can't show United. 2-1 win in our first match against them last season, and a 4-1 trouncing in the second. This season it's a 2-0 win in the first match, and like hell will the Reds lose to the Other Reds on Sunday. It's definitely not another trouncing, but I'm certain we can pull out a win. Really, another win over Man U would make me happier than anything else this season. Someone needs to get to work on knocking Ferguson off his perch, and four wins in two seasons is a good place to start giving Man U the shakes.

In a last bit of football news, I damn near had a heart attack the other night. I have a fantasy club on an FB app. That team is a bit poor due to my having been an idiot and, well, I've placed myself in a position akin to Rafa, where I've lost funds and it's getting hard to make good transfers, but I need good transfers. It pained me to sell Gerrard, but his value was dipping and I couldn't risk it dipping any further. Plus I deliberately traded down 3 million for Kuyt, who has more points this season, and used that leftover 3 million on top of the cost of Benayoun to transfer for Arshavin. So the FB club has been seeing a lift in recent weeks. But that was not the cause of the heart attack. I joined the official EPL fantasy thing in gameweek 30, so of course I'm going to be behind everyone else, but I organized a good powerhouse club while spending wisely. In a league I set up with friends, lowest points earned for gameweek 30 were 52, average seemed to be in the range of my 57 and a friend's 63, and the highest apparent one looked to be 71, which is still higher than the rest but reasonably so. Then I scroll up and see a whopping 91 points earned in that gameweek. Holy frappamoli did my heart stop for a couple of minutes.

Anyway, as I said I was away on a mini-vacation from the webs that turned out to be not much of a vacation. And it wasn't even really a vacation from the blog, either, since apparently I had scheduled a post I totes forgot about. But I still went on a failed mini-holiday. The holiday was pretty much how expected, but with less Amy. A lot of chilling, a bit of playing out in the warm weather, and some interneting that got progressively worse as the week carried on (I swear I have a problem. Is there a Weboholics Anonymous?) Did go see Alice in Wonderland on Monday. Thoughts have been expressed elsewhere but if you really want a repeat I can type up a review-ish post I guess. Progress on WIP has been nil. Had some ideas, though, for things I plan to type up eventually. When this typing is meant to happen I have no idea.

Lastly, I may be barely able to tolerate mom's side of the family, but hot damn do I love it when they hold parties at our place. Six bottles of Guinness, fourteen of Heineken, and a whole bottle of White Zinfandel. Only bottled beers I enjoy and one of the few wines I enjoy.

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  1. I'm in the same boat. Blogger, twitter, fb, yahoo groups, Bransforums. You name it, I can't keep my typing fingers away from it. Bad..bad..bad...