Who are you?
My name is Nick. I live in a small house somewhere in the eastern United States. There's a handy dandy notebook about section if you want any more info.

How did you come to be here?
I'll let you know once CERN are finished working it out.

What do you think of adverbs?
I think they're incredibly cool.

How about the colour orange?
Royal blue's a bit cooler if we're being honest.

When did you start writing?
Third grade. I'm sure I started writing before then, but the spring of third grade is when I decided I wanted to be a writer and it's the earliest I can remember actively writing fiction.

What are you writing atm?
I'm writing about a girl named Ashley Hastings who does some cool stuff. It probably is YA but I don't consider it as such.

I also occasionally write short stories featuring a detective named Ian Goodenough which are meant as a throwback to the old style of detective fiction.

Do you like zombies?
I frighten very easily so unfortunately I'm not a very big fan of zombies.

Favourite punctuation?
I use a lot of commas and periods so I guess those?

Favourite book? Author?
Oh man this is so impossible for me to answer. All books are amazing.

Favourite food?
Belgian chocolate.

Any tips on writing?
Just go with it. No matter how much you regret the idea, no matter how much you hate whatever you're doing, just ignore your mind and keep going. You should only stop if the story you're trying to tell just can't work at the length you're trying to tell it. Any other problems can be fixed later. There's a reason there are editors in this world.

Where can I find you?
There's this blog right here and my twitter.

Ever been to Broadway?
Quite a few times in fact. I prefer opera to both traditional theatre and ordinary musicals, but I love all forms of theatre.