Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Questionable Decisions

So today's the day bestie moves down to South Carolina for college. Very long day ahead for all involved. Walking down to my cousin's to borrow his truck, then it's off to friend's house to load up junk into his truck and her parents' van. Bestie and I in cousin's truck, other friends in the van if all goes according to plan. Google Maps estimates the drive from the furthest it can go on her street (for some reason it stops two houses short) to the university, by the fastest route, is an 11 hour 46 minute drive. Hoping to start loading at 6.30, hoping to be ready to roll before 7, probably won't be down there until the midddle of the night. Anyway I'll be liveblogging this whenever I have internet access over the course of the day; this is just the scheduled heads up.

Quick note: It is entirely possible that, on occasion, things will not be "live" per se. I may be able to pick up internet briefly while moving, but unless we're stopped somewhere there's no guarantee I'll be able to post it. So I'm going to make a copy of everything I type and save it in Notepad, so that way if the internet goes boom, I won't lose those thoughts forever. In such a case, a cluster of thoughts may appear at once.


6.50 - Hatfield
All has not gone according to plan. Two friends who were supposed to be in the other truck did not arrive, and we lacked the necessary manpower to move some heavy items, thus forcing us to be inventive with getting it downstairs and then basically we sprinted to the trucks. Still, it's before 7 so the plan isn't totally ruined. About to hit the road.

6.58 - Kulpsville
Stoppin at Wawa to buy some much needed coffee and soda and to pick up foodstuffs for the journey ahead. Trying to minimize pitstops, so we probably won't get lunch until a little late, and we're only hitting the can if someone's about to explode. I think we're clearing out the whole store to stock up for the road.

9.47 - Greencastle
Managed to make good time to the border - didn't expect to be here for another half hour or so. Stopped because the other truck is out of gas, because we forgot to check the fuel gauges before leaving (I can probably last until we hit southern VA/northern NC, but filling up anyway). So we're just sitting here, waiting for the gas to finish pumping, stealing wifi from somewhere nearby. Took way longer than I thought to find some stable internet once we got on the road. In other news: Awesome song came on the radio not too long ago. Never heard of this band before but I am checking out The Candle Thieves as soon as I am not sat in a truck in a parking lot.

12.20 - Verona
We have elected to take a piss break. Then grabbing lunch for the road, since we're already at Burger King, even though we have SO MUCH FOOD. At this pace we aren't going to get anywhere. Also, quick PSA: If you have wifi, protect it. I love you for not doing so because it helps me right now, but you really should make it a private system. If you leave it public, bad things can happen.

P.S. I have found the song!

3.40 - Charlotte
We have elected to ignore Google Maps' advice and drive through Charlotte. Mistake. Should have seen coming, given that it's a fairly major city. Having issues holding into connection, having to find a new network all the time because I get one, type a few words, and then we move again and I need to find one. We sped monstrously to get down here so fast, but after deciding we needed to make up for lost time from all our stops and respectful driving, we decided the best option was to never do less than eighty unless there was something that forced us to. And then we saw signs pointing in the direction of Charlotte and we said "Fuck Google" because Google's route was lamesville and did not take us through the city, so here we are. Actually I'm probably going to be nipping in even less soon. As soon as we find a place to do so, I'm taking over the driver's seat until we reach our destination.

4.23 - Charlotte
Stopped off in a little local cafe for some dinner and another bathroom break. It's a welcome relief from the road. Everyone very tired, very bored. Probably set out as soon as we're done eating again. Google believes it should only take us until like seven to get down there, so at least we're on the home stretch.

4.36 - Charlotte
After many failed minutes of trying to take a picture of bestie, I am success. Peoples of the blogosphere, I present to you one bored and hungry bestie:

6.06 - Charlotte
Unfortunately, we got wrapped up by the comfort of the cafe and have just sort of been vegetating here in the corner. Waiting for this Real Madrid game to end, and then we're back on the road. And this time I gots the wheel. It is very, very probable our two-car caravan will be speeding again. Perhaps not. Google seems to think it's only two and a half hours to go. Of course, we have no idea how long it will take to get out of the city. Such is life.

8.03 - Somewhere
We have no idea where we are. Somehow we have gotten ourselves lost, and we are quite certain we have strayed from the intended route. Friend in van has gone ahead to a gas station to ask for directions back to the turnpike. We are waiting a little ways back so if the guy in the gas station turns out to be a crazed murderer, we can escape.

8.08 - Somewhere
So it turns out we actually weren't that far at all. It's just a short drive west-ish and then we shoot down the turnpike and get off at the intended exit. Presumably we can follow back roads to get there, and said back roads may even be faster, but we've gotten ourselves lost in small-ish town South Carolina once. We are not getting lost again.

P.S. We have learned that Somewhere is just outside of Williamston. Just kind of a little fringe outskirt of the town proper. It still gives us the heebie jeebies.

8.37 - Anderson
We have finally reached our destination. Find it utterly uproarious this is classified as a city. Looks even smaller and sleepier than some of the middle of nowheres we went through on the way here. If that's even possible. Ultimately we should not have deviated into Charlotte; that was definitely what killed us. Hoping to find our way to the university quickly, and hoping they haven't closed up shop for the day. If they have, we will be sleeping in the trucks tonight and moving into the dorm first thing tomorrow morning. But hopefully this is not the case, because it is really hard to sleep in a pickup that is stuffed full of things.

8.49 - Anderson
Not sure but I think we may have overshot the target. Somewhere on North Main right now. No longer appears tiny and sleepy, but still not a city as I would have thought. Was expecting more like Charlotte, Philly, Richmond, DC. Instead, this is more like Allentown.

8.57 - Anderson
The good news: We have managed to get ourselves un-lost. The bad news: We can't check-in because the key people are done for the day. Which means we're sleeping in the cars, probably. There was what looked like a motel down by Railroad Street, but it looks like something out of a horror movie, so even if it is a motel I'm avoiding it. Don't know what the other guys are up to. Planning to head back into the heart of town, because there's got to be some sort of hotel there.

9.03 - Anderson
We have found a Hilton and through the magick of bestie's cell phone and her mom's credit card, we've all got rooms for the night. Getting up early-ish tomorrow to grab some grub and then hurry back on up to the school to move in. Then it's who knows what. I am probably coming back home in time for the Trabzonspor game, but I could also just lock myself in the hotel room for an hour and a half. We'll see what bestie and I feel like doing.

10.26 - Anderson
So I've ordered Google Maps to connect with the stops we've made, and while this obviously is not the exact route we travelled, our journey went a little something like this:

8.42 - Anderson
Turns out we've woken up a bit later than expected. Haven't actually contacted the others but going by what I could hear from their doors, they're asleep. Or just kind of sitting very, very quietly, which is possible. They definitely haven't all gone ahead without me, because the trucks are still in the rear lot. Also we learned two valuable lessons today:

1. Hotels in small cities in South Carolina are more populated than you might think
2. Fellow guests do not appreciate you looming outside doors listening with an empty glass, as evidenced by their stares

10.21 - Anderson
Whole gang woke up not longer after checking on them. Went out to breakfast at a Waffle House we passed on the way into town. Apparently there are like four here, which makes me mondo jealous, as the nearest Waffle House to home is an hour away. Once breakfast was done with, we got a move on.

So we made it up to the school, got buzzed in, and got the key. Well, actually, the lady behind the desk raised her eyebrow at us when all three of us walked up, and then tried to bar everyone but bestie entry. A rather aggrevated explanation later and we're inside, following a group of people to where the give out the keys, all the while earning a combination of bemused and horrified looks, because "OMG are those men? Men who are not parents? In a girls' dorm!?" For the record we did not make that up. We actually heard a girl sort-of whisper that as we walked past. She even spelled out OMG instead of saying "ohmigod".

Anyway, we get down there, we get the key, we find our way to the dorm room, and we unlock it to find it's a single, which is a bonus. Brought the heaviest bits up -- someone needs to tell bestie they do not need to bring the armchair and loveseat from their room -- and are now taking a break before going for the normal luggages. Also, we want to know who designed these dorm buildings. They are narrow soulless lines of cinder and the doors are so narrow we swear we are in a converted prison. Much joking about that ensued, given that our high school was designed by a man who designs prisons. (The inside of the room is nice, though. Not prison-y at all).

10.33 - Anderson
Baggage and random furnishings (lamps etc) have been hauled in. Have sorted the furniture, mostly, but will leave bestie to their clothes and any finishing touches. The end of the room we're in now looks something like:

Bestie is still not amused with our constant trying to picturize them.

7.55 - Anderson
First day of bumming it around town with bestie has been fun. Mostly a case of getting our bearings and just doing stupid things like racing on the train tracks. Other friend has long since begun the long haul back home, and according to a text we got not so long ago, they're pulling into Richmond to put up with some friends who are going to school down there. And in honor of their departure from this awesomeness, I present to you Other Friend, aka Olive:

(Actually if we're being honest, that picture is old. I just haven't dumped my computer in forever.)

8.30 - Anderson
Day three of super mega awesome SC business begins. Wound up going to bed kind of early last night, as we were both quite exhausted and around nine I started to feel a little unwell. Feeling better this morning, fortunately. It occurs to me I should start posting this is 24-hour so as to differentiate things.

7.22 - Anderson
This day mostly turned into the same things we did yesterday, with the late afternoon and evening just chilling in bestie's dorm. Have terminated the hotel service and will now be bunking on the floor or loveseat in here. At the very least, staying through the day tomorrow. Quite possibly staying until the 31st. Not really sure what I'm going to if I remain longer, as bestie's classes begin Monday. We'll see what happens. Point is Day Three has been uneventful.

11.00 - Anderson
It's been settled. I'm staying through the weekend, leaving either Monday or Tuesday morning; presumably the latter. It is not fun to leave, but it must be done before September first. Anyway, this will probably be my last update, as really there's nothing to comment on unless you want to hear me chime in every five minutes with a crappy explanation of whatever we're doing at the moment. For providence of the latter: Bestie is currently brushing her teeth and I am sat here re-reading Part One of Don Quixote, because we love it and Part One really is my early teenage years, basically.

N.B. The plan is to remain here. It is entirely possible I will be kicked out. Classes are technically in session and this is not a co-ed dorm. So far the plan is to hide under the bed should anyone come calling.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Okay, so first off, I just want to apologize for taking so long to make this list. I was going to do it yesterday evening, but then things kind of got away from me and I didn't get home until midnight and went to bed not long after, and then I have been watching football all day because it's the first day of the season and I always watch the opening match and I like to see how the newly promoted teams perform first game. But this is being done now, so bear with me.

Anyway, due to technical difficulties with the linking device, here is a list of all participants (or at least, I believe it's all of them):

February Grace
Ted Cross
Olivia Herrell
Francine Howarth
Mia Hayson
Amalia Dillin
Christi Goddard
Nicole Murray
Misty Waters
Rebecca Thompson
Christine H
Raquel Byrnes
Dawn Embers
Tessa Conte
L'Aussie Denise
Amanda Sablan
Christopher Ledbetter
Donna Hole
J.W. Parente
Anne Riley
JC Martin
Alison Stevens

The original list is also here.

And just in case I missed anyone, there is this thing which will hopefully not break like the last one:

I may or may not be joining, depending upon how things pan out. Going to be busy the next couple days between football and helping my cousin move, but hopefully I'll get round to it Monday or Tuesday. We'll see what happens.

So, yeah, happy Weatherfest.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Flash update

Hey peeps, remember that blogfest I was forced coerced dangled over hot lava totally willingly created? Yes? No? Well who cares if you remember because Weatherfest is happening. In a week. All the rules are there but just a reminder: It's fine if you're a little late. To be honest I will probably be late.

In other news, I'm hunting down new skins for the blog because I don't feel like going back to coding (takes way too long and I no longer have the attention span), but right now all the skins I can find are the most womanly things I have seen in my life, so it may be a while.

Have fun.

New update: So apparently that link thing isn't working for people anymore, and the stupid twats who designed it put in zero method of recovery, so without access to my username or password, or the ability to make a new account linking to the same site, I'm going to hunt down an alternative and post it here.

New new update: Screw it, more trouble than it's worth. I'll compile a list here. Just post in the comments if you're not on the old listamajig so I don't miss you.