Saturday, August 7, 2010

Flash update

Hey peeps, remember that blogfest I was forced coerced dangled over hot lava totally willingly created? Yes? No? Well who cares if you remember because Weatherfest is happening. In a week. All the rules are there but just a reminder: It's fine if you're a little late. To be honest I will probably be late.

In other news, I'm hunting down new skins for the blog because I don't feel like going back to coding (takes way too long and I no longer have the attention span), but right now all the skins I can find are the most womanly things I have seen in my life, so it may be a while.

Have fun.

New update: So apparently that link thing isn't working for people anymore, and the stupid twats who designed it put in zero method of recovery, so without access to my username or password, or the ability to make a new account linking to the same site, I'm going to hunt down an alternative and post it here.

New new update: Screw it, more trouble than it's worth. I'll compile a list here. Just post in the comments if you're not on the old listamajig so I don't miss you.


  1. Looking. It's not going to happen overnight. Well, it will, but only once I find a skin.

  2. Me, me, me, I'm here!

  3. Nick, I signed up today and Mr. Linky likes me because my website is there. Yay! :)

    ~that rebel, Olivia

  4. Hi,

    Been here all along - original Mr Linky!

    See you all tomorrrow!

  5. Wow - I somehow didn't make it on the list, even though I thought I signed up back on July 13 (the date of my comment on the original post announcing the 'fest).

    Anyhow, I still can't seem to get signed up - can you please add me manually?