About Nick

The Nick is not a particularly rare or elusive creature which almost certainly does not confound science.

While spending the majority of his time in southeastern Pennsylvania, he is known to occasionally disappear to the other side of the Atlantic, most often to Scotland. Some theorise he will one day make a permanent den in the British Isles, but there is as yet no conclusive evidence.

When not watching or discussing football, he can usually be found playing video games, making trips to the theatre or cinema, or speaking with friends. He has, on rare occasions, been seen to write fiction of various genres, although this usually seems to devolve into some sort of primal fury.

Is known to be obsessed with Doctor Who and Liverpool FC. Mating habits, at present, lack sufficient data.

Approach with extreme caution. The Nick is generally of a calm temperament, but the presence of a healthy mind is doubtful. The last person who got too close wound up with sparklers duct taped to their trousers*.

*This may or may not be a slight fabrication.