I spend an ungodly amount of time on twitter and I can be reached at @Tybre. I do tend to talk to a handful of people a lot so it is possible I might miss your initial tweet, but if this happens just try again later. Don't freak out if I don't respond immediately, either. I tend to be very fast because I spend a lot of time on twitter, but sometimes there's a magical thing called my life that intervenes.

There's also this, right here. I don't always respond to everything that gets said (in fact I probably don't respond more often than I do), but I do read all of my comments so leaving one can be a good way of getting through to me.

Finally I can be reached at nicolasfretz(at)gmail(dot)com. Like twitter I tend to leave my gmail open 24/7 and respond quickly but sometimes I do disappear, so once again don't panic if I'm a bit on the slow side.