Saturday, August 14, 2010


Okay, so first off, I just want to apologize for taking so long to make this list. I was going to do it yesterday evening, but then things kind of got away from me and I didn't get home until midnight and went to bed not long after, and then I have been watching football all day because it's the first day of the season and I always watch the opening match and I like to see how the newly promoted teams perform first game. But this is being done now, so bear with me.

Anyway, due to technical difficulties with the linking device, here is a list of all participants (or at least, I believe it's all of them):

February Grace
Ted Cross
Olivia Herrell
Francine Howarth
Mia Hayson
Amalia Dillin
Christi Goddard
Nicole Murray
Misty Waters
Rebecca Thompson
Christine H
Raquel Byrnes
Dawn Embers
Tessa Conte
L'Aussie Denise
Amanda Sablan
Christopher Ledbetter
Donna Hole
J.W. Parente
Anne Riley
JC Martin
Alison Stevens

The original list is also here.

And just in case I missed anyone, there is this thing which will hopefully not break like the last one:

I may or may not be joining, depending upon how things pan out. Going to be busy the next couple days between football and helping my cousin move, but hopefully I'll get round to it Monday or Tuesday. We'll see what happens.

So, yeah, happy Weatherfest.

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  1. Hi. That's me, the belated entry at the bottom of the list.