Monday, March 8, 2010

Plan 11 from Planet X: The Attack of the Mutant Broccoli Ink Monsters of Neptune

So, my last three posts have been on physical models, because the only other interviews I have planned at the moment (and possibly the only other interviews period) are scheduled for later dates and aside from that I have only one other thing planned, but by nature that must go up on Friday, so yeah.

So anyway inspiration actually struck in school for once(!) and I scribbled down a decent bit of stuff. Some of it is definitely a delete, some of may simply be refined or may end up deleted, but the first paragraph or two are definite keepers. To show you how crappy my handwriting is, and give a glimpse of the surprisingly unfrantic-ness of my scribbles (and possibly some reading of things if it's remotely legible), I present to you said scribbles.

Admittedly they would be easier to read if I had a real camera and I had written in cursive instead of print. Although the first like half sentence is in cursive. Very sloppy cursive. Which is why I switched.

Also I just want to point something out here.

See that big box? The little writing in the upper corner there reads, and I quote, "Possibly delete? Do delete".

Now excuse me while I go continue being exhausted and tetchy.


  1. Shouldn't you be paying attention in class? :-P

    Granted, sometimes you just can't stop the creative flow!


  2. All three levels of high school have kind of been shafted presently. Seniors are required to take American Government starting this year, which is something you learn bits and pieces of from back in first or second grade, and we had a proper class for in eighth grade. So it's kind of a repeat of everything you've learned in the past/should already know. So I never pay attention first period. On a bad day, I just sit there and doodle. On a good day, I like to mess with the teacher and throw in various different countries' governmental structures in place of the US' when answering questions. And on very good days this happens :p

    And ugh I really need a better camera that isn't my cheap-o video camera I'm forced to take stills from, which in turn get lower quality when I crop them because I have to run them through Paint and the capping process itself lowers quality slightly. If I didn't know what I'd written on those pages I'd only be able to make out one sentence...and to be fair I think I may only be able to make it out because I know what I wrote.

    And why do I always ramble in these things? Ramble ramble ramble. I need e-duct tape for my e-mouth or something.