Monday, March 8, 2010

Physical Models III

Yessireejim, it's time for the third round of this. Going to try to put up at least one character per day. At least while it's Character Month (don't worry I still have more stuff planned). So let's get on with the musical interlude!

First up, we have John Flint. Flint is an old reporter who used to go digging around headquarters for the latest information, ultimately getting himself blacklisted from headquarters because he was being such a pain in the ass. Now he's relegated to searching the watering holes of the wealthy and the much less active precincts for a scoop. For Flint...
I picture Ian McShane, and for once actually hear the actor's voice for the character. His voice as Al Swearengen, not his voice his voice, which really his voice as Swearengen isn't too much different. It's just less gravelly and obviously he has a slightly twisted General American accent instead of his native Lancashire accent or the Received Pronunciation he usually uses for roles.

Next, Rocelyn D'Acre. Rocelyn is a Corporal in the Investigative Department whose desk is next to Daniel's. I've been toying with the idea of making her Daniel's romantic interest, which I may do in this book, although I might hold off because if I am fortunate enough to score a series, it provides an overarching subplot for a few books. Whether she ends up his romantic interest or not, Daniel is definitely going to be crushing on her. For Rocelyn...
I have in mind Carey Mulligan. Best known amongst us geeks for Sally Sparrow (pictured), but thanks to An Education (which I admit I only went to in the first place because it stars Sally Sparrow) she'll probably start getting a lot more gigs that aren't geek niche or supporting roles, so watch for her, because she is a fantastic actress.

And I do believe that's where we'll stop things for today. Once again these are not definite, your own opinions are just as valid, and oh you get the point. I'm tired and in much need of sleep. Good night everyone. (Yes I know this is scheduled to go up at 4 in the morning, but it's nearly 11pm at time of writing; I'll probably edit this to be nicer tomorrow, when I've slept.)

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