Sunday, March 14, 2010

Vacation Time

So, today I had to trip down to DC to pick up my girlfriend because her direct flight got canceled and she had to reschedule, and I had to pick up my sister from BWI on the way back up. Worst road trip ever. Seriously. Not only did traffic suck (especially on the way up) but BWI and Reagan are a good hour apart if there had been no traffic whatsoever, and like hell was that going to happen. It was just one big, long, ass-numbing ride and I'm glad it's over. Ignoring the fact that the trip sucked, with the wonderful miss Amy back I will naturally be more distracted than I have been over the past week and a half, and my sister and I only get on well for about three days, so it's time for a holiday. I'm still going to make an effort to keep writing, but I'm definitely going to be writing less for a little while. And more importantly, with Amy back I'm going to be spending much less time online. I'll still be on quite a lot, because really I don't do very much, but I will be on less. So if I go unusually quiet in the coming days, that's where I am.

And now for the song to which I have been totally addicted for the past two days:

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  1. AWESOME song, have fun on your mini-holiday :~)