Monday, March 29, 2010

Twilight for Men

As many of you know, I rag on Twilight a lot. Admittedly it's much deserved ragging, but I do. And that seems kind of unfair. And just now I remembered a series of books I absolutely love that, as the title says, are pretty much Twilight for Men. What series you ask?

Read this.

Have you read all of it? No? Then what the hell are you still here for? Get back in there!

Done now? Okay, good.

Here's a free online copy of the first one. The rest may be found here.

I am not at all ashamed to admit I love these books. Like the person who typed up the lol-arius post that turned me on to them, I acknowledge just how horribly wrong it is, and have even adopted their catchphrase as I read them. So there you go ladies. Some ammunition with which you may return fire and thusly not leave me feeling like some sort of twat. Because really I'm not going to stop ragging on Twilight until it's fallen out of my consciousness. Which at this point may be never.

Random thought: I feel like Paladin of Shadows should have an 80s cartoon (maybe GI Joe style?) theme song.

Also, these books are a prime example of when Amazon's POD service is a good thing. Guarantee this would never have been professionally printed if the author didn't already have a fanbase.


  1. LOL. I loved the 'ladies and gentlemen: our hero.'

    The guy's a bit twisted, but twisted as I am, I see his point. He speaks to those inner urges people have to do something they know is wrong, but our conscience dictates our actions and we loathe those that have a weaker conscience and submit to immoral or unethical acts.

    Like... I want to run over little kids on bikes when they're in my way, but I don't because that's BAD.

  2. See, I punch on the gas when the skater punks deliberately stop in the middle of the street to piss drivers off. They always scramble out of the way in time to avoid dying. And if at some point they don't, well, I'm pretty sure Signore Get Baked, Skate & Chill in the Street is not the next winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.