Sunday, March 21, 2010


It would appear I have been given another award, by the greatliest Ms. Christi. A rather curious one, to say the least. How this thing works is I'm meant to choose five followers and make up things about them, but I can't re-give, and there go two of my followers. So we're going to draw on non-follower people who I can pester with this award. Bear in mind everything said here is totally for fun, so try not to take any offence. Apologise in advance if any offence does occur.

And lo! it doth exist.

1. Justine Dell. She's a man, baby!
2. Wendy/Quillfeather. In fact named Marguerite von Schell; works as part of a shadowy organization intending to assassinate important European political figures in the hopes of sparking a war which would be very much in the interests of her native Switzerland.
3. Roxy. Once loaned the Empire State Building out to Martians for a (failed) global domination ploy. Now travels the world, designing ludicrous lairs for evile geniuses from which they may engage in attempts to take over the world/sew havoc/whatever it is evile genii do. Writes under various pseudonyms to keep up with car payments and plane tickets.
4. Raquel Crusoe is in actuality a roaming blind goatherd, who has something of a habit of rescuing babies left on mountainsides to die.
5. Phil. By day, he is the easiest man in the universe to make feel awkward. By night, he is Captain Mohawk! Protecting the zany-haired drug and rave crowd from the police and using his incredible mohawk powers to convert the entire population into an army of Mohawk Zombies, one ridiculously remote farm at a time.

So there are my five. Apparently my followers all lead secret lives of secrecy. Anyway, no obligation to respond to this, but if you feel so inclined, please do.


  1. You forgot the rule about linking back to my post. LINKAGE, Nick, LINKAGE. Recipients must link to collect. I'm greedy.

  2. A man? Seriously....I really hope my picture doesn't look like that. Thanks ;-)

  3. And I also named someone you named before *flails* This is why I'm never doing things at the crack of sleep again.

  4. My cover has been blown! Dammit. Back to the drawing board. Must engineer a new smokescreen to disguise my intentions...

    Love it!

  5. Congrats on your award!
    I came via my friend Roxy, and also Christie.

    Happy Humpday,

  6. Hi Nick. I found your blog from one of your comments on Justine's. I love your choices of authors to admire and football sides to support (maybe I should be commenting there). Anyway I've become a follower so please feel free to visit my blog and do the same.

    Thanks in advance.