Saturday, March 6, 2010

Physical Models

As I've mentioned before, I usually have actors in mind when writing. Sometimes warped versions of actors, sometimes just a voice or a physique, but usually someone in mind. So I've had physical models in my head for quite a few of the characters for a while. I say physical models because it is usually just in terms of physique, but sometimes the voices do spill over. Not often, but sometimes. And it makes it kind of hilarious, actually, because a lot of my models are British and my characters are American, so you have Americans running around with Stockport and Cockney accents. I almost died laughing the first time the peoples' voices slipped into my head as I was writing instead of character voices. But anyway, as I was saying, I've had physical models in my head for quite a while, and I probably wasn't going to share at all, or I was going to share later down the line, but since Mia posted her MC's model (okay, I guess technically not a model but it's easier to use that term than be lengthy) over on her blog, I figured "Hey, why the hell not?" So I'm going to do this piecemeal. A couple of characters every so often, just to give you an idea. But enough delay. On with the persons.

Okay, I lied. First comes the skipper being glorious, because I feel like putting in a musical interlude and I had this open, so revel at the sight of Stevie G with me. Then we can get on with the persons.

For Daniel Cross....

I have in mind Andrew Buchan, who was wonderful in Party Animals (please someone revive that show) and did a very good job with what material was given to him in the Fixer, a show which was pretty much an excuse for him and other actors to run around being badasses with guns. Like so:

Okay, so ca. 2010 Buchan is a little old, being 31, but you get the general idea. Honestly there's not a lot of difference between Buchan at 31 and Buchan at 26, either.

For Paul Beckett...

That is about the only picture I kind find of him at about the appropriate age without too big of a gerth, which is good, because Beckett has the beginning of a beer belly but not a hell of a lot of one. So that, but without the beard and the medieval garb. And in case you can't plainly tell who that is (which I imagine most of you should), Ray Winstone.

So those are the two MCs. Other characters will come at intervals eventually. Physical models, of course, are not a definite indicator. These are just who I have in mind or who the characters sort-of look like while I am writing. At the end of the day your own visions of the character are just as valid, so far as I'm concerned.

Also I am addicted to scheduling posts, which is probably really weird.

And on a final note:

I love that scene.


  1. Oh Nick,

    1. Great choice of actors for the characters! Although after his Robin Hood tv program stint I'll never be able to look at Ray in the same way again...

    2. What happened to the movies post? It was on my "to-read" list during one of my frequent breaks from studying and/or writing. Oh, please tell me I didn't dream that up...or that my computer is playing tricks on me. I don't know, maybe you took it down for some reason, but now I'm genuinely curious as to what it was about...

  2. re: #2, my interwebs was acting up, and I was trying to tell it to make a new post and accidentally wound up deleting it. And I almost deleted another post in the process but fortunately things righted themselves before that went all the way through. So yeah, not fun. Planning to re-post it tonight, but working on my WIP right now, which takes priority. Also the planned post will be coming up eventually at some point. Hopefully tonight as well, but we'll see what becomes of that one.

    And re: #1 haha well honestly I've only ever seen Winstone in Beowulf, King Arthur, 44 Inch Chest, Edge of Darkness, an episode of The Sweeney, Sexy Beast, and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, so I pretty much only have the atypical image of badass Winstone. Which works very well for Beckett, seeing as Beckett is a Cowboy Cop. A bit more by-the-book than most others, but still a Cowboy Cop.