Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ow-hay o-day ou-yay et-gay in he-tay ood-may?

I don't know about you, but I only seem capable of writing when I'm in a specific mood, when my brain is wired in such a way it seems I can't do anything but write. Writing outside of that mood doesn't always end in catastrophe, but most of the time it does. It yielded an unnecessary 189 words earlier in this WIP and really mucked things up last night. Which is a shame because I'd written just shy of a thousand words and was a bit happy I'd nearly hit the 16k mark...for all of five minutes. That was when I realized Daniel wasn't totally out of character -- in fact technically speaking, he was still in character -- but he was out of it enough. And more importantly, throughout the WIP so far, we have only seen Beckett off-duty once, and Beckett off-duty is a different man from on-duty. Unfortunately, that piece pretty much finished him as a one dimensional caricature and no amount of anything could fix it down the line. And most of all, it was just crap. But when I'm in the mood, I write things like the description of headquarters or Daniel's breaking into the grocery store.

Maybe I'm just a nutter. Or maybe you need the ood-may too. So, how dost thou go about getting into the mood, if at all? In the case of myself, it just seems to happen randomly, often times even when the Muses haven't come singing their ideas.


  1. Honestly, I can't write when I'm in the wrong mood either. At all. I guess I'm lucky that I don't seem to be able to even try when the moment's not right... My writing works best when there's some kind of heavy emotion driving me forward, whether it's happiness or sheer depression there has to be feeling. So the ideas only come when I'm emotional, luckily that’s almost all the time...otherwise I'd be kind of screwed

    Hence, if it's a planned writing sesh I'm doing, music comes in very handy. I use playlists to get me in the mood I need, or at least very close to it.

    Hope you find the again mojo soon :~)

  2. Michael Buble is apparently my muse, because the mojo came back in full swing this morning. 4277 words in about 3 hours.