Friday, March 12, 2010

Our Favorite Things This Week

1. Wigan v Liverpool. It was incredibly frustrating to watch, and visibly even more frustrating for the lads on the pitch. I'd be lying if I said the Reds played well. But I always look forward to a match. Really the biggest highlight for me was the commentary. Normally I go with Fox Sports (the Australian one) because I like their pundits, or if I can't get them I go with Sky Sports. ESPN usually has crappy pundits. But I was forced to go with ESPN and OMG IT MADE MY NIGHT. Martin Tyler, who is a very good pundit, was on it, doing his usual narrating every last thing that happens and naming every player with the ball. He was aided by a Scotsman, who made little comments at sporadic intervals that ranged from no value whatsoever to "What the fuck are you talking about?" Why is this so lolsome? I have been playing bucketloads of FIFA 10 since Christmas, and double bucketloads since I discovered the Be A Pro: Seasons feature. FIFA 10's English pundits (you can change languages and get different pundits and I think there might even be North American pundits) are Martin Tyler and Andy Gray. Andy Gray is an awful pundit whose comments range from no value to "What the fuck are you talking about?" This holds especially true in FIFA 10, where the majority of the things Gray recorded (whether scripted or riffed I don't know), he says things like "Well, I may be being critical, but if you don't hit the target, you're never going to score a goal" and you're just like NO SHIT SHERLOCK! But OMG I died laughing when the game started. Only way it could've been better is if it actually was Andy Gray.

2. Series Fnarg trailer with Google's transcription captions on. It apparently can't handle anything non-American, and if you think Series Fnarg trailer captions turn up lulz, ohmigod the things I got from the Greater Manchester Police's channel. Also, SERIES FNARG! Not only is that the greatest name ever but SERIES FNARG! Please make it Easter now please please please please please please please please! And as a slight aside, it's kind of weird for me to be so excited about Series Fnarg. Usually I'm a bit timid about the incoming of a new Doctor, then they are favorite-in-the-making for a couple of episodes after, and then they settle into a rank somewhere. But holy hannah if I am not excited for the new Doctor.

3. Senior skip day!

4. That Where's Waldo site Mia linked to.

5. It's Proper Vampire Month on Facebook. Like Pokemon month with the Pokemon pictures, only you make your profile picture your favorite vampire for the month of March. I almost went with Nosferatu or the Hammer version of Dracula played by Christopher Lee, but then I remembered Christopher Lee did a German film called Count Dracula in which they tried to make him look like the Dracula Bram Stoker described, and OMG it is lol-arious. The wikipedia article on Dracula has the picture of him I'm using.

6. As you can probably tell, I've been re-watching LOM and A2A.

7. Met an awesome 70-ish year old man. Is automatically awesome forever because he has two medium sized girly looking dogs: One named Humphrey, the other named Bogart. Made my Thursday.

8. The Ghost Writer is not quite as good as the novel upon which it is based, but hot damn is it good. Masterful filmmaking. Definitely go see it.

9. Over the course of several hours, friend and I posted the lyrics to Sei ein mann on one another's Facebook walls, one line at a time. Absolute highlight of my week.

10. Brad had things he needed to get done so instead of just giving me a lift in the Pretty Pretty Shiny Shiny™ I got to drive the Pretty Pretty Shiny Shiny™. Audi A-4 handles like a dream. I wants it. Okay so I still need a little practice with the stick shift, but considering I'd only ever seen people use one up to that point and never actually used one myself (although I did know what to do), I did pretty good.

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