Sunday, March 7, 2010

Physical Models II

This time we're going to pause to focus on bit players. But not the so-bit-they-don't-even-have-names players. Not even sure we're going to get to those, because those are mostly incidental cops who don't have physical models. Except the principal. The principal, which really is all he is called, looks like a young Sinatra to my mind. So there, that's out of the way. Anyway, the bit players. But first, musical interlude!

First up, George Brown. George Brown is the father of Lucy Brown, the teenage girl whose disappearance kick-starts the events of the novel. For George...

Greg Wise, who tends to do a lot of sappy period drama. His best-known role is most likely John Willoughby in Sense & Sensibility, though he's arguably better known for being Emma Thompson's husband. Seriously.

Next, we have Lucy Brown herself, who so far has only appeared in a school photo the police are using trying to locate her. For Lucy...

I have in mind Genevieve Buechner, who admittedly I have only seen as Tamara/Tamara-A on Caprica but damn if she isn't good on it. Although really the whole of Caprica kicks ass (just sayin).

As our third bit player, we have the Deputy Superintendent, who so far has appeared only by title in the WIP, but I like to think his name is James. Still no clue what is last name is, but he's definitely a James. For Deputy Superintendent James...

I have in mind the astoundingly brilliant Michael Sheen, who could be best known for playing Tony Blair, or for his work on Underworld, or his recent appearance in New Moon, or for playing Brian Clough (God that movie was brilliant), or as David Frost in Frost/Nixon, or really anything. The man gets around, but no matter what he does, the man is a genius.

Fourth on the list, the Chief Superintendent, who still has no name. For the Chief Superintendent...

I'm not even going to venture a guess as to where you might know Derek Jacobi from. At 72 years old, the man has been in pretty much everything. Throw a dart at a film or a play and odds are good he's been in it. Take your pick here.

And as our next bit player, we have Dave, whose desk is across from Daniel's and who is covering the investigation into a murder which may or may not be related to Lucy's disappearance. For Dave...

I have in mind Malcom Rey...I mean Rick Cas...I mean Nathan Fillion.

And our last bit player for today, Joey Blackwood. Joey is a child trader who Beckett likes to rough up for information. For Joey...

Lee Ingleby, which really that picture doesn't look much like Joey, but all the other pictures of him are either terrible or him as DI George Bennett, and a 60s copper obviously does not look like a grubby guy who runs around kidnapping kids and then selling them.

So that's it for todays models. Once again, these are not definite. Your own opinions are equally valid. And like I said at the beginning of the last one, the majority of my mental images are British. Seriously. Only two people so far haven't been British, and they're both Canadians. Apparently my brain dislikes American actors for American characters. Weird.

And the post that accidentally got deleted will definitely go back up later tonight, but I have an appointment to make shortly, and the 15 or so minutes until I must leave is not sufficient time to get it all done. So watch this space.

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  1. I don't have a clue who would be in my book-turned-movie. I sort of picture Master Kale as Robin Williams (physically, not humorously). And Wyatt is definitely Garrett Hedlund when he grows his hair out long. Other than that, not a clue, and I've got a big cast.