Friday, April 23, 2010

Things I Think I Thunk Today

Warning: The following contains very eccentric ramblings of the often nonsensical nature.

1. I was awesome as a kid. Like, crazy awesome. Not only did I used to dress like Basil Rathbone, but in cleaning my room the other night I discovered a plethora of notebooks and folders from when I wanted to be a paleontologist. There's plenty of other awesome stuff I discovered but I'll spare you the long details.

2. I read something the other day that says those volcanic ash clouds may become a semi-regular occurrence for the next forty to sixty years. I kind of hope not. But I kind of do. Britain: You overreacted. Seriously. Other European countries opened up their airways after a while, but nope, you gotta keep em shut. And then you decide you need to haul people out of the continent all Dunkirk-style. Really? I mean that's cool and all, but really? Also, I hope the next volcanic ash cloud settles lower. Over the summer there were awesome sandstorms in Australia and a friend who lives in Canberra took pictures, and it looked like they were living on Mars, which is cool. So I guess if the ash cloud settles it will look like people are living on Pyrovillia?

3. I don't know why but I have felt compelled to dance to get everywhere I go today. Fortunately I have been staying indoors, because I can't dance solo. I can waltz and tango, but doing either with the air just ends badly, and dancing without a partner makes me dance like a teenage girl from the early 1960s with the occasional appearance of disco. Okay, so this one actually stopped around noon, but still.

4. Why, oh why, did Caprica have to take a mid-season finale? Now I've got nothing to do on Friday nights. Actually come to think of it the only actual thing I have to do during the week any more is Doctor Who. Which is a good thing I guess. Television was my schedule in elementary and middle school. So thanks, TV, for going down the shitter when I came into high school. Now I can actually have a life. Kind of.

5. I always hate shopping for new jeans. With cargo pants, I know what size to buy of which brand and the specific cut makes no real difference. With trousers, the numbers are pretty uniform across the board regardless of company. But jeans -- oi. Relaxed fit Levi's I can buy down from straight cut, and Arizona I need to buy up. Also, the length makes very little difference on the fit of trousers or cargo pants, as long as they're in the general ballpark. Not so with jeans. For the love of god someone please find a way of making jeans fairly uniform like every other style of pant. And don't get me started on other clothes shopping woes...

6. My hair confounds me. I have brown hair, but ginger facial hair, and my facial hair looks black until it's all in. Why does brown hair on top give black hair around the face which somehow turns into ginger hair? Not that I mind. I enjoy my ginger beard. But right now it is itching the fuck out of my neck because it isn't 100% grown yet. Will be by Monday though. Three weeks of no shaving is usually when it decides to come all the way in. Probably won't shave it for a while this time.

7. I have been listening to the same song pretty much all day. (No it's not either one above) At this point I'm not sure I can stop. Ever. I think it may even infiltrate my sleep. Except it will stop. Because, erm...

It took me a very, very long to get over the Weeping Angels last time. And now they've got a two-parter and can muck about with recordings and such? I foresee another year of not leaving via the front door for fear that the angel statue in the garden will kill me. I don't care if they do kill kindly, the Weeping Angels are creepy fuckers and the Moff should be banished from Earth the stroke of genius that invented them.

8. Also, going back to jeans: Who decided jeans with holes in them was a good idea? Who buys those things? Last time I checked holes in pants were non-desirous.

9. If I were to use a pseudonym I would totally go with Geoffrey Markham. The whole name is a nerd reference.

10. It dawned on me that every Doctor has had some form of overcoat as an at least semi-regular piece of his wardrobe. I think Twelve should buck the trend.

11. Three days later, and fish custard is still delicious. Go buy yourself some fish fingers and custard. I promise it won't disappoint.

12. Is it weird that I think Karen Gillan looks better in her costume from Time of Angels than that police costume from the Eleventh Hour? Probably.

13. I don't care how stupid this is or how many times I've watched it, I still love this video:

Now I want waffles. Well, I know what I'm having for breakfast tomorrow.

14. The West Wing continues to be grand. 4 episodes into the second season, it still leaves a lot of room for improvement, but it's a lot better than it was.

15. SIMON FUCKING DUTTON. I do not care how many times I read that he's going to be in Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone, SIMON DUTTON is going to be on Doctor Who. THE SAINT IS GOING TO BE ON DOCTOR WHO. Okay, sure, I prefer Ian Ogilvy, but Dutton is to the Saint what Dalton is to James Bond -- closest to his literary origins. Well, of the latter TV Saints (there was an actor, whose name I now forget, who appeared in two Saint films in the 40s who was by far closest). Besides, Simon Dutton hasn't really done anything since he was on The Saint. AND NOW HE'S GOING TO BE ON DOCTOR WHO. This calls for the various Saint themes.

Can you believe there is NOTHING of the Saint in Manhattan on youtube? I mean, c'mon guys. I know Andrew Clarke was miscast and he has the whole Tom Selleck tache going on, but that is still a solid incarnation of the Saint otherwise. Anyway I realize this has been a very youtube heavy post, even for me, so to close:


  1. Duuuuude, EPIC POST today *nods* Truly epic. For that, my friend, you may have earned yourself a little award that I've been hoarding. We'll see, I don't want to look like a stalker by given you yet ANOTHER award for being cool BUT you are cool so I guess I can't help it. Don't feel offended if you get one next week then, k? Because this just confirms it.

    Several things to say so humour me -

    1.WOW, just WOW. I think I wanted to be a dinosaur for most of mine so Palaeontology is totally the next best thing.

    2.Maaan, it's because we're tantalisingly close to Election Day though. Nobody wanted to risk ANYTHING cause it's all up for grabs and what not. Plus I though the whole Dunkirk evacuation thing was FAB. Everyone else was totally jealous. We see rule the waves it seems :P

    3.A MICHEAL BUBLE VIDEO BREAK FOR ME!! Could this post be more awesome?

    4.With you there on the weeping angels, last time I discovered how difficult it was to NOT BLINK in an art gallery. Very is the answer and everyone thought I was weird but I don't care. I was suffering from slight PSTD or something.

    5.Glad you're still enjoying fish custard :~D Heston Blumenthal, eat your heart out because we found something you didn't :P We ATE something he didn't anyway.

    6. Well after Charity's song on YT about PJ and Jelly sandwiches it seems I have yet ANOTHER food song stuck in my head ;~) *dances* Do you like waffles? La la la la la

    Ok, that's it :~) Mia out *runs away, being careful not to blink*

  2. I always find you immensely entertaining, and yet I have no idea what you're on about most of the time. This time is no different. I don't watch television and have not seen any of these shows. Yet, I know I've not commented in forever and wanted to let you know I still watch, I still read, I just... having nothing interesting to add to your epic-ness.

  3. You have some of the most interesting and entertaining posts. I think that must be what makes me come back for more! Normally I don't spend time reading the entire thing, but yours kept me interested all throughout!!

  4. bwa ha! I love how completely and ridiculously random this post was! Popped over here from Mia's site. :)

  5. That's usually how my posts end up. Utterly insane or half-baked. Often times both.