Saturday, April 17, 2010

Just a quick thing

Out of boredom, I signed up for Goodreads. See here. I'm getting tired of adding books so I'm pausing for now, but any book on my shelves at home will eventually find its way onto there. Just marking everything as read. Link's there if anyone's curious as to my reading habits.


  1. Yay for Rankin, Tolkien, Rowling and Christie! (yes, I did check out the link ;~P)

    I'm reading Dr No atm. Good so far. The library didn't have the others in. Shameful but I can wait :~)

  2. Dr No was okay. Imo it and TMWTGG are the best of his camp days. CR-DAF are semi-serious spy stories, FRWL is very serious but still a bit silly, DN-TB were the camp days (not counting short stories in middle), TSWLM was an interesting experiment, OHMSS/YOLT were definitely best written/plotted and OHMSS was by far the crown jewel.