Friday, April 9, 2010

A rather more literal take on the blog title

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, this is the skipper speaking. I'm afraid we've reached a bit of turbulence and...hang on, wrong speech.


Anyway, I hope you all are having a lovely weekend so far. Mine has rather not been. But! There's the el Clásico tomorrow; kickoff 22:00 Spanish time, 4pm EST. Kind of late for a game really but I do not question the Spaniards. I just watch them play some dern good football. For the record, el Clásico is the term for the match played between Real Madrid and Barcelona, two of the greatest clubs out there at the moment (and, let's face it, Real Madrid have always been one of the best clubs and probably always will be). Personally I support the Real side, so we'll see what happens tomorrow afternoon. If for whatever reason the prospects of this game interest anyone, I would be more than happy to provide linkage. Also there's the fact that The Beast Below airs tomorrow, which means around the time the game ends it'll be online in good quality, which means I shall probably do with it what I did with The Eleventh Hour and watch it six times in three days.

And, yeah, that's about it really. As with last night, I thought of something quite awesome to post, and then proceeded to forget it not five minutes later because I was watching rather awesome TV shows (note to self: in future, avoid the West Wing and Return of the Saint when plotting posts), so I've kind of got nothing to talk about. Think I'll go watch some Magnum P.I. and/or Remington Steele.

Happy weekend everybody. Enjoy (or don't) the music:


  1. FC Barcelona is not quite the side they were even a season or two ago. Real is as usual atop the Primer.

    Personally I prefer Juventus, but they also are not the same since the scandal.

    Best of luck to Madrid!

  2. True, but Barcelona have still been playing very well this season, and right now Barcelona and Real Madrid are both going into the game with 77 points in the league, and both teams have very solid line ups. It could go either way, really.