Sunday, April 4, 2010

Da Truf

The following is in response to yesterday's post:

1. I actually started driving well before I got my permit. I tried. Many, many times I tried to go driving well before I got my permit. I even once made it so far as to begin backing out of the driveway. But I always got caught before I could do anything and eventually it got the point where shit went down if I came even vaguely close to the driver's seat. Lie

5. I owned a pet snake as a kid. Also a lie. Remember when I said the attentive viewer would be able to rule one out immediately? Take a glance at the sidebar. It's okay, I'll wait. See those phobias? Acrophobia is the fear of heights. Herpetophobia is the fear of reptiles. Now, someone in my family did used to own many, many snakes, and there's a whole story to go along with that and how exactly I developed herpetophobia, but I never owned one myself.

4. At one of my uncle's many quarries, I played with the switches and levers and things on the freight train. It didn't end well. Was yet another lie. My uncle does own many, many quarries and we did visit one once, on a day when the rest of the team had off and he was going just to check on something. I was twelve at the time. My autistic cousin Matt, my cousin Dan, and I did go on the freight train. Matt and I did try to play with levers and things, but Dan stopped us, so there was no chaos brought about by playing.

2. I suck at cooking most breakfast foods, so on the mornings when I have time I end up having pretty much the same meal, give or take a couple of items. I can cook pretty darn well actually, but it's true I can't cook breakfast foods for the life of me and can really only make two types of eggs and fry meat. Most mornings I don't end up with the same meal, however. I usually just decide I'm sick of eggs and have something like ice cream for breakfast. Lie.

6. I used to own a replica of King Theoden's sword, but it kind of went missing. I wanted Theoden's sword so, so badly, but I never actually owned it. I didn't get any swords until two years ago actually. I proceeded to lose one in a duel to a friend and break another. None went missing. Do still have my bokken, though. Lie.

3. When I was a little kid, my cousin and I used to turn up the treadmill to various speeds and jump on. We turned it all the way up, he jumped on and got hold of the railings straight away. My fingers slipped and I was catapulted off and smacked straight into the wall. If you've been paying attention, you would know this is the only choice left. Aforementioned cousin Dan and I often got into whacky hijinks as a kid. T R U T H

And the titles for the last round of the opening lines game, in case anyone's curious:

1. The 39 Steps
2. Sharpe's Rifles
3. A Passage to India
4. A Study in Scarlet
5. The Ghost
6. Devil May Care


  1. So, was that the video of you on youtube then? LoL ;-)


  2. Aw :( I so almost went for that as well! Although I have to say I'm quite chuffed that I knew you could cook, I knew it!

  3. Sadly I lack fun Baltic recipes. Beyond the Lithuanian take on borscht, which is even nastier than the Russian.