Monday, April 5, 2010

Stuff and Things of Whatsits Nature

Well, the weather's warming up again, and that means a lot of things. Most importantly, it means the ol' summer bridge sessions will be starting up again soon. And because it's just so damn nice out, my mind is totally elsewhere right now, and I can't think of much anything to post. I'll still be working on wrapping up the things I have drafted and I'm sure stuff will come up, but right now, my mind is 99.99% on Doctor Who, .005% on bridge, and .005% on how nice it is, I don't foresee many posts coming in the next week-ish, probably more. I'll not be taking a sort-of break this time, however. Instead, I reckon we'll do something which may or may not become a feature.

What, you ask? It's very simple really. Q&A. You can ask me anything you'd like. No matter how banal or outlandish, it's free game. From now until midnight Sunday EST (in all actuality you'll probably be safe asking later), use the comments, twitter, Bransforum PM, whatever, to shoot me whatever questions you like. And on Sunday, I promise I will answer them, unless I feel they cross some sort of line. In all honesty, like I said above, this is really only being done because it's nice out and I don't feel like thinking about things about which I may post. Also, Doctor Who.

So, yeah. There's that then. I promise the Incredible Edible Jelly Baby Award is coming sometime soon, probably tonight actually. Okay, well, maybe it's not quite edible...

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  1. Do you walk around speaking with a British accent in real life?