Saturday, April 3, 2010

One of these things is not like the other

You have no idea how badly I have been addicted to this thing since discovery about nine months ago

So, Mia posted that six lies, one truth award thing, and I thought, "I'm so crazy any truth would sound like a lie and all the lies would be too normal sounding, it'd be too easy". So I was going to create an award for the inverse of it. Still am, actually, but I don't have access to good editing software at the moment and do you have any idea how hard it is to make text of any color even vaguely legible on a jelly baby in MS Paint? No, you probably don't. It sucks. Hard. So in the meanwhile, I'm going to do the original, and try to keep everything as normal as possible, because the whole point of the jelly baby one is the reveal outlandish/eccentric truths.

Like Mia, I'm not forwarding to anyone specific because there are only a slim few of you, and some of you probs already have this, and really I'm doing this out of boredom more than anything, so if you feel like doing it, do it, if you don't, fan-bloody-tastic too. And remember: Six lies, one truth.

1. I actually started driving well before I got my permit.

2. I suck at cooking most breakfast foods, so on the mornings when I have time I end up having pretty much the same meal, give or take a couple of items.

3. When I was a little kid, my cousin and I used to turn up the treadmill to various speeds and jump on. We turned it all the way up, he jumped on and got hold of the railings straight away. My fingers slipped and I was catapulted off and smacked straight into the wall.

4. At one of my uncle's many quarries, I played with the switches and levers and things on the freight train. It didn't end well.

5. I owned a pet snake as a kid.

6. I used to own a replica of King Theoden's sword, but it kind of went missing.

Okay, I lied. Five lies, one truth. GO!

The attentive viewer should be able to rule one out immediately. The truly attentive viewer should already be able to tell which one it is (okay, not really). Have fun, you darn crazy kids, you.


  1. 1. - everyone does that ;-)
    2. - I can't cook meat very well. it's either tough or not done.
    3. - If that's true, then I've see you on Youtube.
    4. - If this is true, you're uncle should have been more attentive to what some kid like you might do.
    5. - This is almost too boring to be true. I pick this one.
    6. - Did they even sell Theoden's sword? Aragorn's and Sting, yeah, but I don't recall Theoden's.

  2. So, I want to initiate this analysis by saying duuuude, it was supposed to be six lies PLUS one truth, although I don't know why I'm complaining because you just up'd my chances considerably at getting this right : P So
    1. This sounds really incredibly way too mundane for you. I mean, quite a lot of kids do that sometimes… I think. So unless you were like, well, driving a truck or a limousine or something I think it's far too sane. Let's call it a falsehood for now although I could change my mind…
    2. Hmmm, you see it's believable when I think about how you had a limited supply of ingredients recently and you were just going to mix them together (although maybe I suggested that? I can't remember) and eat them but then again if you can't cook you wouldn't do that right? Lie, I choose lie for sure because I want to think that secretly you're a brilliant cook. Oh, oh plus! I think I remember a twitter update involving you cooking schnitzel. I have no idea what that is but COOKING was involved. And and (!!) now I think of it you said the Grandparents on your mother's side were Lithuanian so I bet you have some wondrous recipes from them too. There, I have selected a LIE.
    3. Well that would explain a lot. LOL but I think it smells deceitful. Although you did get up to mischief as a child right? I'm withholding judgement for now.
    4. A mishap with a freight train and switches?! Dude, that sounds terrible and how could your uncle leave you with the buttons like that? Gosh I hope it's a lie because think of the paperwork he must have had to fill out afterwards. Also, could you even be left alone in a quarry? I thought they were quite heavily manned and what not….

  3. 5. Nah, too boring snoring although maybe you did because snakes can be cool pets.
    6. Christi's right, I thought his sword wasn't particularly impressive. Aragorn's sword was the one everyone seemed to want. Plus, how do you lose a sword?
    So we are left with EVERY POINT except 2 because I refuse to believe it. Let's get rid of 1 (although maybe you were deliberately telling a somewhat normal truth..?) and 3 for no other reason than because I don't like them that much. So, 4 through to 6, hmmmmm.
    6 would be cool I guess but even a replica of a sword from LOTR would be expensive, over here stuff like that costs upwards of £100 so I'm less than inclined to believe it. You wouldn't lose something so valuable. And, also, I just don't see you having the sword. Although you are a LOTR fan methinks, but why not go the whole hog and have THE RING? You wouldn't be able to lose that…
    4 is like so worrying for me. It sounds crazy enough to be true but also too dangerous. I worry for you if your uncle actually let you do that so I'm saying lie.
    We're left with 5, another boring answer. Just boring enough to be true. Snakes are cool and I'm sure you have many stories about microwaves and frozen mice. Then again, I don't think so. Ooops, by a process of crazy elimination I'm going straight back to 1... uh 1 is the answer, how did I do? I basically analysed then discarded everything and went with a hunch...