Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Music is beginning to agitate me.

I've always preferred classical music because it is just so much better. My problem with lyrical music has always been that there's only so much you can actually say, and to add insult to injury, musicians only ever seem to focus on five or six of the possible avenues. When you do find someone who takes a wild path, sometimes you get something ridiculously awesome like Banana Phone but most of the time it's just as bad -- if not worse -- than the stuff that keeps to three roads. Classical music, meanwhile, affords one the ability to say anything, even things which are impossible to encapsulate with words, and forces one to think of much more clever ways of expressing them.

But even classical music is beginning to drive me up a wall.

Chopin has always been, and very much still is, my favorite composer. Yet I find I can hardly stand to listen to Chopin most of the time anymore.

Or Brahms. Or Cui. Even composers I wasn't usually much fond of, like Mussorgsky.

I just cannot stand music. Of course, irony likes to play a hand in everything, so I can't stand silence either. Never could, which is why I almost always had some sort of music playing in the background.

I suppose really it's just a temporary thing. Right now, though, music irks me.

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  1. well, have you tried ambient music? i love to write to this guy's stuff...