Friday, May 14, 2010

Dreams as a springboard?

I don't think so. Mad props to you if you can do it, but here's three recent dreams I can recall.

1. Friend and I went gallivanting about the universe in a Type 40 TARDIS identical to the Seventh Doctor's with elements of Five's deeper interior. I'll spare the finer details for one could write an entire era of Doctor Who with our adventures.

2. Driving about the north of England while there's a blizzard going on in a hippie minibus. Wound up in some city I can't recall the name of that looked a lot like LOM-style Manchester and Paris had a baby. Part I remember most clearly is I was just sort of walking along, and a couple of tourists were following me because I knew my way around, and I made polite conversation only because they started it. Come to a river/canal thing that somehow overlooked another part of the city without turning into a waterfall (stopped in mid-air, didn't just come to a dead end before the cliff) that I think was meant to be covered in snow. Anyway I decided to screw the bridge and leapt over it easily, and hear a splash, and see the tourists in the water, only it looks more like frothy beer now. Then there are some gaps in memory and I find myself at a small train station, where my now ex-girlfriend from Langholm turned up out of thin air. And I mean, literally out of thin air. Blink-and-you'll-be-teleported-to-the-past kind of thing. Admittedly this would probably be the most readily adaptable into a story.

3. Back when teachers were on strike, dreamt strike had ended, and for some reason we were all getting out of school crazy late at night. It was raining hurricane-level and I missed the bus and was effectively stranded, so my friend Zach and I went back inside. Not to use the telephone, though. Oh no. We went to the library, which for some reason had a slide in it, which lead to a non-extant lower level gift shop, and while I tried to work out since when the school library had a gift shop and why, my friend was complaining that they used to have these toy shark things. Dream then randomly cuts to David Cameron making a campaign-style speech about why the sharks had to be removed, something about them being dangerous, encouraging violence, etc. And mid-speech out of nowhere come like two dozen kids who just bum rush him and start beating him up.

I got some trippy dreams, man. Anyway finally getting round to adding people to the blogging team, and it amuses me so. I'm going to find some way of making a joke about it before the end of the month, mark you me.

And now that the obligatory bad post is out of the way, time for the obligatory Doctor Who:

Makes me want fish custard. Again.

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