Saturday, May 15, 2010

Plans, Ideas & Such

Okay, first of all, here's a bit of fun: Click around. The order of the Amelias changes constantly. Sometimes they flip. Sometimes they're in a row. It's weird. And kind of cool. And yet why is it I never turn up on top?

Right, now, on with the plans and stuff.

Firstly, remember how a while back I said I might do an about me tab and things like that? Yeah, planning to get on that one. Question now is...nope, no need to trouble you with that. All you need to know is it's coming. Soonly-ish. I promise this time. If it's not up by the end of September feel three to throw a brick at me.

Okay, secondly, and this is the biggiekindasortaokaynotreallybutstill an idea occurred to me earlier today while tittering about on my computer. Mentioned it on twitter but not here and I will very probably bring it up over at the Bransforums. Logged into a thing which I have not logged into for a very very long time pretty much just because I good and ding! lightbulb of idea-dom. That lightbulb, writerly friends, is #writerlyfriendskypechat. Yes I did just copypasta my hash tag. To split it up into words: Writerly Friend Skype Chat. Bad idea? Good idea? Thoughts? Cares? Cupcakes? I like cupcakes. If you have any, please find a way of sending them through the computer that doesn't involve a transdimensional vortex. Last time we tried that...well, let's just say the neighbors won't be too happy.

Thirdly, remember my post from yesterday? Of course you do! It's right there below this one. Screw what I said before. I haven't written anything in a long time and my brain is all ker-splat for ideas so we are gonna do it, people. And by we I mean me. Unless you want to be weird with me in which case jump on the gravy boat! Just make sure you bring a biscuit, because if you fall in I am not saving you. So next dream I can even vaguely recall is getting done up into something because I feel like I need to write something ASAP or that part of my brain will asplode forever. And I swear even if it's the crappiest thing ever put to words I will post it here, because I am just that nice. totally masochistic like that. your best friend ever? GOD. Yeah, let's go with that one.

Soze...yeah, that's about it folks. Enjoy your weekend or I shall turn you into a pillar of salt! rabid old folks will turn you into dust. I will hunt you down and love you to death. There we go, that works.


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