Thursday, May 20, 2010

Elections & Cowboys

I realize even though I said I would be quiet I'm posting fairly regularly here still, but really I am being quiet. You're just (un)fortunate enough to be in the place where I'm making the most noise.

Anyway here's what's up lately:

I realize just about all of you are apolitical *angryfist* and it's really nothing super fantabulously special but on Tuesday I did vote in the primaries. I had to delay my voting because of the rain, which upset me a bit. See, originally, we had off on Primary Day, and the plan was wake at 7, shower at 11-ish, walk up to polling station, vote, walk up to Gamestop, come home and play Red Dead Redemption for rest of day. Then they said we had school and the plan became go to school, walk across street to Gamestop, walk down to polling station, come home and play Red Dead Redemption for rest of day.

But it was raining, Writerlies. Like, hurricane force raining. I seriously thought I might die whilst I walked home. Also I got covered in like ninety feet of water. Sure, they can't turn people away but I felt like if I turned up that drenched it would just look bizarre. And crazy. Mostly the crazy. So I went home and had to wait like four hours and I didn't have Red Dead Redemption and the anxiety, Writerlies, is fatal.

But then I finally did I go to vote at like six-ish and I felt like such an idiot. I'd gone with my mom into the polling station when I was a little kid, but I was like five and I just followed her and got to push the buttons and then our neighbor, who works the polls, gave me a cookie.

This time I'm going in on my own having no idea of what I do prior to going into the booth. There's an old guy out front with green papers, and people standing in the doorway on opposite flanks (who turned out to be representatives of each party and you could talk to the people from your party if you wanted, and I did though mostly because I had no idea of where to go or who to talk to) and then there's like six tables in different ends of the room and none of them are labeled so I had to spend time finding just where I was supposed to sign in. And then when I did all that they gave me a little pink slip that said DEMOCRATIC PARTY VOTER and the lady told me to go room 118, which I totally walked past like four times in the process of looking for it. So by the time I actually got into the booth I felt like an idiot, and then I felt really awkward just walking out of the building. All in all it was just kind of awkward. Also in the midst of shaking rain off my hat I accidentally sent it flying across the room and nearly hit one of the polling people in the face, which didn't really help matters.

Afterwards though I did run across the street and buy Red Dead Redemption, which is AN ASTOUNDING GAME AND YOU ALL NEED TO BUY IT RIGHT NOW. I've been playing it as much as I can, but it hasn't been a whole lot because right now I have a history project that was due last Friday that isn't quite complete, I have a history essay that was due yesterday that's nowhere near complete, I have a math project due tomorrow which is nearly complete, I have an English project that was due like two weeks ago that I still haven't finished, and I have a graduation project which is not really even vaguely finished but I gotta roll with what I have because today is the absolute last day I can do the presentation. Good news is it's pretty much impossible to fail.

So right now life is a swirl of chaotic schoolwork and election awkwardness punctuated by the kickassery of cleaning up 1911 Arizona (okay, so the game doesn't name a state, but I like to think it's Arizona).

And no, I'm not telling you who I voted for, you nosey bastards. All I'll say is no one I voted for got the ticket, which is kind of agitating in a weird way. But on the plus side, I know who I'm voting for governor come November.

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  1. I'm not apolitical at all. However, there was no voting where I live and I'm not nearly as interested in national politics like my hubby is.