Friday, May 28, 2010


Sorry about the title. Habit I picked up from Data.

Anyway, I have an idea -- sort of an expansion of an idea, actually -- and was wondering if anyone was up for it.

Remember how a little bit back I suggested Writerly Skype Chats out of a combo of boredom/revisiting Skype for the first time in a while? Don't worry if you don't. Not overly important.

This, however, has spawned New Idea.

Last summer, a friend and I were going to run a weekly podcast of reviews, discussions, whatever. Just kinda the two of us talkin about stuff. Got all the necessary websites and everything set up, and we even contacted (and got the okay from) the person we wanted as our first guest. The plans never finalized for a variety of reasons I shan't go into here.

But, my dear writerly friends, this is where New Idea comes in.

Audio interviews with you writerlies.

I could set up another account on the site where we were gonna host stuff last time (completely lost all my old info, alas) and get the old recording software and everything, and all you would have to do is like, Insider the Actor's Studio it via Skype, (so I guess Inside the Writer's Studio?) and then I could embed it here, or if the site won't let me embed, provide streaming and/or download links. Maybe a combination of whatever it lets me do.

If New Idea sounds worth pursuing, scheduling matters and stuff can be worked out later. If not, that's totes awesome too.

Now pardon me while I strive for six-ish hours of sleep.


  1. Sounds like a very interesting idea! I'd be game for it! You could also have "telephone" coversations - for those that don't have webcams. Just call them on skype and (with their permission of course) record the phone conversation of the interview. Just a thought for ya there!

  2. Well that's what I meant. I never use my webcam. Just the audio chat bit.

  3. Sounds awesome. I'd be game, kiddo.