Thursday, May 13, 2010

And now the news, at six o'clock...

Okay, first of all: Wow! What an election that turned out to be, eh? First hung Parliament since Heath, first coalition since World War II, days of intense negotiations, and in the end, David Cameron ended up Prime Minister as he should have. A Conservative majority would have been nice, but I can live with this coalition, and the first full day has given me confidence. Anyone else catch the conference Clegg and Cameron held in the gardens? Whether this coalition holds for five years or five months, you just know it's going to be something special.

Anyway here's what's been going diz-own, and what's on the roll for days to come.

Firsties, the incredibly bonkers Amy asked me to make her part of the blogging team so she can guest from time to time. I still haven't got round to adding her to the list yet, and since she hasn't said a thing I'm assuming she's forgotten. But if/when it does happen, she will be posting here, so if you see a post that's weird in a not-my-weird kind of way, it's either her, me while incredibly sick/intoxicated/none of the above, or we've been hacked. I'm probably going to ask her to post in a different color, just to help differentiate. Again this is all a big if. Now that I've remembered I'm willing, but if she's up and forgotten or has lost interest or whatever, I'm not going to add her. So watch this space.

That said, if at any point any of you want to guest anything at all -- and I mean anything at all. For all I care you can rant about how much you hate soggy cereal (I'll let you work it out) -- feel free to get in contact with me and we'll work something out. Not sure I'm going to be adding anyone to the list of blog team persons blogger lets me form, but as the past week has shown, anything can happen.

In other news, I'm a moron. Just in case anyone speaks Welsh out there, no, I did not just call myself a carrot. To get back into shape I follow a very rigorous routine, which for the most part stays the same, just some additions, subtractions, or modifications at different times of year. For example, it's hard to run outside when there's a foot of snow on the ground. So I hit the treadmill for specific time periods depending upon if I have school or not that day. Also there's possibly going to be the addition of skinny dipping this winter, as TR went skinny dipping in winter and if TR did it, everyone should do it, for TR was the epitome of Man. But yeah, one of the things I do is bare knuckle boxing. Used to do it all the time. Got out of the habit (just like all my other exercises, hence why I'm out of shape) and hands aren't quite as tough as they used to be. So I went back to it, and five straight nights of practice, my hands finally can't take the abuse. Been getting cuts and bruises all along, that's to be expected, but I managed to wreck my right leg with the weighted rope last night (for the record, the handles are 10 lbs each and the "rope" is 5 lbs of cowhide, so I'm sure you can imagine how that feels when you misstep) and so as I go to give a right hook, my leg flares up, I flinch, and completely tear open the back of my hand on the punching bag. Much swearing and blood loss ensued.

But my hand's all better now (aka not bleeding and is now wrapped in bandages) so hopefully I can get back to it soon. More concerned about my leg, as I can't lift weights, because we don't have a bench press so I has to rest the weights on me person. Can't run because of obvious problems; same for tennis and cycling. Can't swim. Or jump rope. Or much of anything. Why is it all exercises are so contingent upon the mobility of my legs? So, yeah, going to try to find a way around that little snag while I wait for leg and hand to get better, but exercise quotient is definitely going down in the coming days, which is a shame because weekend means I finally have the time to do stuff.

And now to maintain the crappy news motif, let's see what the weather's like for this weekend. Hereabouts, things are still going to be feeling like March tomorrow, but things will warm back up to May temperatures starting Friday. Unfortunately, a lot of thunderstorms Friday, but after that, warm and sunny until Wednesday, when it will be warm with thunder storms well into next weekend. Down south we're going to be seeing a lot of rain as well, though temperatures will be consistently maintaining in the eighties well through next week, so dress comfortably and just don't go outside very often. Overseas, it's going to be a bit nippy and very rainy, but nothing unusual there, as I'm quite certain the only place with a higher annual rainfall is the Amazon. Sunday and Monday will be fairly sunny, however, and should be the only times over the next ten days there is no rain. Temperatures will maintain themselves in around the lower-tens of Celsius, so make sure you've got a hoodie (or an epic tweed coat).

Looking into the future, I'm afraid nothing's really on the agenda. In the closing days of this week I'm quite tied up with very important projects that need to be done if I'm to graduate, so after scheduling this post I'm going to rescind into silence. After that, who knows? I will be disappearing again after May 18th, because that's when Red Dead Redemption comes out and that game will be like heroin for me. But I will try to keep around, somewhat. Really the biggest factor going against my presence is being busy, though it has been largely coupled with nothing really to talk about. So until I think of something and/or have the time to post, I'm going to open things up to you. What do you want me to do? Let me just say right now: Contests and anything else involving prizes are off the table. I would love to but I am more broke than my old refrigerator, and we rode that thing down the driveway like a toboggan. In the middle of July.

Oh! Not that any of you care, but absolutely made my day: Went out to dinner tonight just kind of for the sake of it, and ran into old friend I haven't seen in five years, who is now working as a waitress at one of my favorite local digs, so I shall definitely be going there more often. Sometimes I wonder why my friends and I ever drifted apart. Just really, absolutely made my night.

So, sorry there hasn't been much of anything to discuss. Slow news day. More than anything I'm just writing this to let you all know I haven't suffered a massive coronary. Blog should resume session at some point before the end of the month.

P.S. I have been checking out all of your blogs when I get the chance, I just haven't been saying anything either because of aforementioned being busy or just not being able to think of anything. This, too, should be remedied in the near future.

And now for something completely different.

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  1. OMG! BAHAHAHAA *picks chair off floor* *wipes away tears* you are so cool for posting that video!!

    CAN'T WAIT FOR THE CRAZINESS TO BEGIN in reference to the new team member (correct term?) because here at Casa Del Mia insanity is always welcome.

    This is going to sound UTTERLY suicidal (especially since I now seem to post everyday) but one day in the not so distant future you know I would love to take over *coughs* I mean "guest blog" here. And I hope you know I can hold my own on a blog (see my blog for details etc :P) so there's none of this "But OMG, WILL SHE EVEN BE ABLE TO WRITE A POST??!!" Just saying...