Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sing, O Muse

Well, I had started to write a piece in the vein of Publis Vergilius Maro's writings, but that is a lot harder than you would think it is, unless of course I start writing it in Latin, but I severely doubt anyone would understand me then. Suffice it to say the Muses have been rather quiet lately, and I don't want them to be. Meanwhile I am amused, though. Out of boredom I decided to google one of the actors I have in mind for one of the characters, and as I was typing his name, Google's only suggestion was to add the word shirtless. I lol'd. Also my hair is getting way too long. I need to make an appointment for the barber ASAP or this is going to turn into the massive bush I used to wear on my head. And, yeah, that's about it, really, lest I start delving into more random, unimportant rambles.

And on the Publius Vergilius Maro note, I say READ THE AENEID
(also here). Preferably in the original Latin, but I guess not many would understand it.


  1. I actually took Latin in school, so I'd know some of it. :-)

  2. Haha well most people forego Latin. Personally it was the only foreign language school offered that interested me. Having to continue my studies on my own, because it was dropped from my schedule for this year (even though I explicitly told them to drop my lunch, as I don't eat lunch anyway, and well now that's been dropped...but I'm rambling again. Long boring stuff, and let's leave it at that). Actually it's kind of funny. I started taking Latin because I wanted to write my own LOTR and Tolkien based his Elvish on Latin, and after like a month of the class, I just completely fell in love with it. If I ever have children I am going to teach them Latin and make a rule that you only ever speak Latin while inside my house. Because that would be disturbingly awesome.