Sunday, February 14, 2010

I Drive Myself Insane

It's like my brain is a steam engine, my hands are a couple of horses, and the rest of me is hauling ass in a stagecoach from somewhere way, way back. Ugh. I should probably explain what I'm talking about. With my MS, where I am right now, my main character and his partner (okay, technically speaking Daniel is Paul's partner; semantics) have arrived at the house of the Brown family to go through the usual routine questions and then kick-off a missing persons case for their 14-year-old girl. Where my brain is, the missing persons case has evolved considerably, the red herring I planted has been outed, and the killer has all ready struck once, and although the events surrounding it aren't there yet the details of how the next victim is killed are all ready in my mind. I want to catch up with where my brain is...but I just can't. Not as quickly as I would like to. Where my brain is is considerably down the line in the novel. No one's turning up dead for a while, either. I wish they would though, mostly because more than anything, I just love the way in which these two vics turn up dead. Le sigh. I'm just going to have to keep plodding through until I finally catch up to my brain, which probably won't be until she's pulled into station.

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