Friday, February 19, 2010

Finally an excuse to post something

~ahem~ This blog is direly lacking the musical department.

That's more like it. And yes, it's green. I like green. Green is good. And yes, another craptacular title. Like I said, titles are not my strong suit. Heck, the tentative title of my WIP is just the title of an old Soviet film I really like. So anyway,

I was giefed this thang from Mia, who really I know not that much about, aside from that she's from my favoritest country ever and she was my first follower here and she's over on Nathan's forums, where I spend far too much time. We need to fix that. I propose cookies. Cookies and tea solves everything. Except burns. I imagine hot food just exacerbates that situation.

Anywho, according to The RulesI'm supposed to post ten things which brighten my day/make-a me happeh. So no more delaying!

1. A good mystery. Yep. Any old puzzle/riddle just won't do, has to be a well and proper mystery. Preferably one involving murder. Murder makes me happy. I'm weird like that.
2. DOCTOR WHO. I prefer Classic Who to RTD Who (and it's looking like the Grand Moff's Who is going to be fantastic, but we'll see) and the Seventh Doctor is my absolute favorite, but any Who will do really. I could have had the shittiest day in the world, and a couple of hours of the good Doctor brings me round in no time at all.
3. Ceylon tea. Preferably English breakfast or Scottish breakfast, but just about any will do. This stuff is like crack for me.
4. My pets. Bar my horse, they are some of the most retarded creatures on this planet, but hell if I don't love them.
5. My many, many instruments. I love playing all sorts of instruments, and still have Lord knows how many in my closet. Don't really play any of them that often. Trombone sometimes, same for ocarina and bagpipes, but that's about it in the way of closeted instruments. I do like to play my violin, but I mostly end up playing it in the eensy weentsy hours of the morning, and my mom certainly does not appreciate that.
6. Farming. In the warmer weather I grow Irish potatoes and other such things, and occasionally I'll plant a bit of winter wheat in September. It's damn hard work sometimes but it's the most satisfying work I've done, outside of writing, if you can consider my unpublished-ness work.
7. Snow. I am like a 2 year old from Los Angeles every time we even get a dusting. I will have enough snow when I'm in a grave beneath it.
8. A good drink. Preferably a rich double malt, but if alcohol is out of the question, ginger ale or Dr Pepper are very fine substitutes. Seriously though, give me a nice glass of whisky and I will run laps around the world in excitement. If made right, nothing beats it for me.
9. Christmas. BEST HOLIDAY EVER. Nothing beats the Christmas season for me. NOTHING. You could compile everything else I love and I will still pick Christmas over it. Sadly, my family has kind of bogged things down the past two years, although it's very understandable -- my grandfather passed away last September, and his birthday was Christmas Eve. Still, I'm a total cornball and love to listen to Christmas music year round (right now I happen to be listen to Good King Wenceslas).
10. Mornings. As long as I wake up on my own, which I usually do between 6:30 and 7:50, I love the morning. School days, not so much. Woken up at 5-ish every morning and forced to waste a perfectly good morning behind a desk. At least my senior year is almost over, and once I go to uni I'm not scheduling a class before 1pm.

So, yeah, some of these have probably been repeats of things from my hooray for narcissism post, but whatever. Shiz happens and all that biz.

Also, squee!

Okay, obligatory Seventh Doctor image has been inserted. Life is good.

Um, um, um crisis. I don't really follow much of anyone so I really don't know anyone to pass this on to. Actually wait I know one person. Time to go bug Phil about digging up his blog again for the first time in forever (okay, not forever, he stopped in May I think).



  1. Thanks for the brownie points!

    I always liked the fourth Dr myself, but I think the seventh would probably rank only just below Tom Baker in his awesomeness :~)

    "I imagine hot food just exacerbates the situation." *shakes head* Lol, you truly have no idea of how much..

  2. Personally I can never rank the other Doctors. Some of them stay in a general area on the scale, but they still move around, and most of them hop wildly. And then there was the mega-hop. Only 7th I saw prior to May was his brief tidbit in the 1996 telefilm, and let's face it, that's pretty much just Seven being a doddering old chap so he can be killed off and replaced with Paul McGann. In the span of half an episode of Battlefield, Peter Davison was dropped from the position of my favorite Doctor in favor of McCoy. And it's looking like Eleven might be replacing Seven, if Smith gets a few solid seasons under his belt. But really I can only ever name a #1. All the others go slip-sliding all over the place from day to day. Also I go off on Doctor Who and other TV shows very easily. Although it's proven helpful sometimes. Kept bugging aforementioned Phil to watch Dr Who from about two weeks after I met him, finally over Christmas break I got him to break down and watch Doctor Who, just because I was ranting and raving about how excited I was for The End of Time and the new season coming in spring.

    And I'm afraid to ask about the hot food thing O.o

  3. You are one of the strangest people I've ever met.

    I love that about you.