Thursday, February 3, 2011

Things I have been doing instead of writing

1. Watching PBS/Harry Potter/Skins

2. Finding things to keep both myself and friend busy while the rather unpleasant weather keeps us shut up in the house

3. Reading comics

4. Plugging in my lava lamp and being far too fascinated by the movements

5. Talking to certain people way too much

6. Digging up the N64 (see #2)

7. Reading books

8. Using the weather as an excuse to put off mailing things

9. Screaming at my inability to think up ideas for an upcoming blog thing

10. Not writing.

Le sigh. You know like halfway through January I said to myself, "Self, we need to get back on that roll we were on before Christmas. So from now on you're not allowed to go to sleep until you've done at least two new pages every day." And then we go ahead and don't write for nine days, then barely write for two, and are back to not writing. Way to go self. Way. To. Go.

**Actual posts to come in the near future I swear**

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