Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Some Advice From A Guest

Umm hi everyone? im Amy. i know its been a while since i asked Nick to add me, so you all must be like holy cucumbers she exists!?! hopping along the towpath, i know Nick has a tendency to complain about his writing and be a Grumpy MacAngerman about it and personally i dont write but i do paint and dabble in photography and sometimes i get like that too, so i thought if we both get all kinds of negative about our stuff other people must too, so heres some ways i like to keep positive whether im working or just being me.

smile seems obvious right? but it really does help. you might want to avoid this in public or else people could get really creeped out but i try to smile as much as i can when im home alone. a little grin tho, a big toothy smile would be weird.

hang out with positive people obvs you shouldnt ignore negative people or theyd probably kill themselves or something, but if youre around upbeat people youll probably be more upbeat too.

find a happy place find a place you love thats just totally awesome. personally i love OBX. i go there all the time and in fact ive been down here since june 18. (tbh i prob wouldnt come as often if we didnt have a house down here) but it doesnt have to be the beach for you. maybe its your bedroom or the mall or something, just find somewhere you can fall in love with. for me at least my happy place is also a source of inspiration.

help someone out taking the focus off yourself can help you stop thinking about whatevers got you down for a little bit at least.

leave positive quotes lying around i like to collect my favorite quotes on sticky notes and put them all over my room.

just embrace yourself last night i decided to dance around on the beach behind our house singing pocketful of sunshine because i felt like it. whenever i complete something instead of just outright saying it sucks or looking for where i made mistakes, i try to focus on the parts where i didnt screw up first and then look at the parts where i did and just accept the fact that thats my own style of painting. if people think it sucks great, because i know im awesome ;)

Nickterjection: Please, pardon her clusterfeck typing. I'm too lazy to turn it into proper grammar.


  1. LOL hello there Amy!

    My favourite make-you-grin quote(s):

    To be is to do.

    To do is to be.

    Do be do be do!

    ; )

  2. there is an amy! i just figured nick made up a companion named amy because he wants to be like the doctor so much!

    i love your tips for positivity. (esp. the help someone one. very insightful.)

    also, i love painting too (and writing of course) and the two relate to each other in many-a-way, so i'm very glad that you have partnered up with mr. nick!

  3. Oi! I may be a nerd, but I'm not so pathetic I would invent a person. Well wait damn, I guess I kind of invent people by the fact that I write. Hell, you know what I mean.

  4. I love the OBX. I want a house there so badly. We went in May and I want to go back already :)

  5. sorry nick! i didn't mean to offend; i was just joking! :)

    but, i do think that if you could pull off blogging as two different personas with no one being the wiser of it, that wouldn't be pathetic at all.

    in fact, it would be kinda awesome! and you do seem to be a very good writer... shoot! now i'm wondering if there really is an amy again! :)

  6. Haha, I was joking as well. And I'm nowhere near good enough to pull off multiple personas in such close proximity. Can't change my voice enough; give myself away.

  7. Dancing is always fun. :]

  8. *rattles jar*

    Hey, mister, I'm not sure I like that "clusterbleep" non swear word directed at your girl. No sireejimbob. So, um, penny for the swear jar? What? GEEZ, JUST A SUGGESTION (from your oldest follower, fyi)(yea, I may start bringing that up at every possible juncture)(sorry)

    *rattles jar again* *quitely so nobody gets touchy*

    Anyhow, I love this post aside from the afore mentioned bit because I like doing all of the above :)