Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Another short update-y thing

On the writing front, we're making progress. NNN is still at 661 and no progress. NN is now at 1589. Haven't made any progress since Saturday, mostly because sister and her boyfriend are here and it's hard to focus with them around. I think that's part of the problem actually. If I don't write every day or darn near every day I seem to lose interest. Like, I have had no interest in writing since Sunday, until five minutes ago, and that interest just now lasted not even a second. Unfortunately I'm going to have to wait even longer to write again, as an even bigger annoyance is coming up and I won't be free again until next Thursday. Really I'm less concerned about losing interest than I am about losing the protagonist's voice. But enough griping from me. This is an update, not a rant.

Actually that's about it. I was going to say something here but then I got distracted by music, and I feel like it wasn't very important, so if I think of it again I'll probably share. So, yeah.

Headway is being made on writing.

And I may actually seriously play around with the blog skin this time. We'll see.


  1. sometimes when i have trouble getting motivated to write, it helps to take a long drive in the middle of the country with no music... bore myself into thinking about the book... maybe you could try that? :)

  2. No can do. Driving is about driving. No music. No talking. No thinking. There is the car, there is the road, there are other cars, and nothing else.

  3. ok, try this video!