Saturday, June 5, 2010

In which we ramble

I come bearing a gift for all of you! Download it from Megaupload, Rapidshare, or File Dropper.

After nearly four hours of editing things, I have come to hate my voice even more. So yeah, sorry if it makes your ears bleed any. Also, Mia, your voice is fine. Seriously. In terms of editing, I mostly only cut the long periods of us just making background noises. A couple of questions hit the floor, but most of them were jokes that would never have made it in. A very slim few questions asked seriously did go kaput, because I decided I didn't like them after all (also there may have been some that got lost in the seas of silence). Also I'm considering compiling all of the more amusing bits that were spliced into one thing, so keep an out for that. And finally, you have no idea how evil it was to make this thing. Skype died like twenty times. And a fire alarm went off. Pure. Chaos.

I think everything is fine. If I accidentally put a question between two halves of answer, I apologize, but again, I'm pretty sure it's clean. So, there you go lads. Enjoy it. Oh, and look out for the special treat at the end.

And yes, the interview is bad. I tried my best to make it sound not bad, but it is bad. Even ignoring the various wrecks we encountered along the way, it's bad. You have been warned.

So far as I can tell the mp3 file now works, so I've uploaded it and provided some mirrors, in case one of the sites, for whatever reason, does not work for you.

If anyone's curious, here there be samples of the painter's works, and here be his website.


  1. For the record, I am downloading the file. Apparently, I've got over an hour to go. At that time, I will comment again. Yes, I'm sure you're quivering with anticipation, Sir Nick.

  2. It's long. When I cut it down to just the questions that mattered it was an hour and five minutes. Minus interruptions, when you combine the various calls and let them alone, we were on the line for a good three or four hours.

  3. I know this is weird, but your voice is deeper than I'd imagined. I really enjoyed the interview. It's amusing and insightful into you both, two of my fav blogging buddies.